Wei4H nomination for Best Event of IEEE R8 Entrepreneurship Week 2021

Innovation for Health was held for the first time in Greece, within the IEEE  Entrepreneurship Week 2021, with the support of IEEE Greece Section, IEEE  Greece Young Professionals, IEEE EMB Greece Chapter, and IEEE WIE Affinity  Group Greece and by two ambassadors, Chrysoula Tsimperi and Christos  Roumeliotis

This event was an amazing effort by students and young people from different  academic areas and students from different IEEE Greece Student Branches (IEEE  AUTH Student Branch, IEEE Student Branch University of Western Macedonia, IEEE  SB UTH Lamia, IEEE Student Branch – International Hellenic University (Serres)). 

As the digitalization of healthcare continues to expand throughout the industry,  innovative medical technologies are set to deliver substantial new value  opportunities to related organizations that successfully implement them. In a  world where disruptive and exciting digital technologies are revolutionizing  patient care, being innovative is not just desirable but necessary. 

Wei4H was an opportunity to talk at a time when so much is at stake – from  improved efficiency, better patient outcomes, and boosted reputations to attract  talented staff and remain competitive – how can healthcare organizations be  innovative in the present day? And what are the innovations that deserve your  attention?

Proceedings included keynote speeches from renowned leaders of the field and  panel discussions by the leaders of entrepreneurship ecosystems around the  globe. 

We also organized a competition involving start-up companies with global  visions. In this pitching competition, students were asked to provide different  solutions to a topic related to biomedical engineering. Participants were formed  into teams and assigned a clinical need, then worked with faculty, advisors, and  mentors to design a solution and build a business plan around their solution.  Teams received didactic instruction, mentoring, and one-on-one advising  throughout the program. 

Wei4H community is extremely proud of organizing this event and for our  nomination for the best event in the context of IEEE Entrepreneurship Week  2021 in Region 8. 

Wei4H community would like to thank all the members of the organizing  committee and each one individually, our main co-organizers (IEEE Greece  Section, IEEE Greece Young Professionals, IEEE EMB Greece Chapter, IEEE WIE  Affinity Group Greece ), our sponsors (EGG – enter.grow.go, “Athena” Research  and Innovation Center, KOBOMEDICAL) and all those who supported this  initiative. 

We congratulate the winners of the competition: 

1st prize: “VetFarm”, an- e-platform connecting farmers, vets, and consumers  to maintain the health and well-being of livestock units, through measurements  of environmental conditions and monitoring of animals to ensure high-quality  products. 

“VetFarm” team consists of Vasiliki Giannetou, Evagelia Anifanti, Kyriakos  Gialourakis, Ioannis Mpatsinilas and their mentor, Stamatiki Krita. 

2nd prize: ‘’HeartGuardian‘’, – a hybrid product to prevent deaths from heart  attack and signaling for medical assistance as soon as possible, even before the  heart stops functioning, utilizing IoT and blockchain technology.

“HeartGurdian” team consists of Panagiotis Boutos, Marigianna Kaminari, Ioannis  Nikopoulos, Konstantinos Michail, and their mentors, Adamantia Stamou and  Yannis Imelos. 

3rd prize: “FeelMe”, – a system that can enhance the everyday lives of high functioning children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as well as the lives of  their parents and specialist helpers and therapists, while also helping significantly  advance our scientific understanding of ASD. 

“FeelMe” team consists of Syrmatenia Lampaki, Dimitra Pantelaki, Panagiota  Chita, Christina Koutsi, Christos Skapetis, and their mentors, Evi Tsaliki and  Nikolaos Mavridis. 

The first two teams received a cash prize from our event while all the winners of  the local competition were qualified for the IEEE Region 8 competition where the  teams will search for funds and successful purchases. 

Finally, the Wei4H community congratulates all the participants that faced this  challenge and wishes everyone a good career! 

You can watch all the sessions -on our YouTube channel: