The “Satellite Communications in the 5G Era and Beyond” panel was succesfully organized on 22/04/21!

On Thursday 22/04/2021, ΙΕΕΕ VTS/AESS Joint Chapter organized an interesting online Panel entitled  “Satellite Communications in the 5G Era and Beyond”. The panel was co-organized with IEEE Greece  Section, IEEE Student Branch, and Communications Society Student Branch of National Technical  University of Athens. The agenda included four main topics that covered a variety of issues regarding satellite communications systems.  

1. “Satellite Integration into 5G: Use Cases and Testbed Solutions”, presented by Dr. Konstantinos  Liolis, SES S.A., Luxembourg. 

2. “Optical Communications in Space”, presented by Dr. Pantelis-Daniel Arapoglou, European Space  Agency (ESA), The Netherlands. 

3. “Artificial Intelligence in Satellite Communications”, presented by Dr. Charilaos Kourogiorgas,  Atheras Analytics Ltd, UK. 

4. “Satellite Communications in Greece”, presented by Prof. Athanasios D. Panagopoulos, National  Technical University of Athens. 

The panel lasted almost two hours including the discussion session, having approximately 80 participants from academia and industry.