ScicommHack 2020

ScicommHack will take place at CERN on 13-15 November 2020. During this hackathon, we will tackle important challenges in science communication today; those relevant not just to CERN, EPFL, and Geneva, but also the wider scientific community.
Participants will visit underground facilities at CERN and EPFL, take part in interactive workshops to develop their hacking skills, and build networks with future colleagues, collaborators, and friends.
Registration deadline is extended up to 14th September.

The PreHack will involve a series of webinars with experts in science communication. Eleni Adamidi will present a webinar entitled Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare…really?

Description: Think about it. If someone tries to explain the value and use of AI in Healthcare today to doctors and patients, he could get this as a reaction: “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare…really?”. Some would say “sure” as more and more people and healthcare professionals are following technology advancements and are aware of AI and its potential or current benefits. Others though will respond “I don’t think so”, because there is still a long way to reach that point where people really embrace the value of AI in Healthcare, without fear, not only for the future but for today, now, during this pandemic. It’s true, robots are currently being used to screen up to 150 people per minute, for COVID-19 symptoms. Deep Learning Methods are used to detect COVID-19 using chest CT exams. And the list goes on.. exponentially. Science communication is vital, not only to the broader patient audience but also amongst scientists.

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