First Lego League Xanthi supported by the IEEE Student Branch of Thrace

First Lego League (FLL) Xanthi 2018 was successfully held on Sunday, January 21st at the Stadium “Philippos Amirides”. The competition was supported by the IEEE Student Branch of Thrace, which attended this exemplary robotics festival for all ages. The constructions of the teams, the children’s passion for robotics and the plethora of solutions to Hydrodynamics’ problems were really admirable. The members of the Student Branch were excited with the tournament and they are impatient to participate in other similar actions based on the technological knowledge transfer and social contribution.

The IEEE Student Branch of Thrace was not limited to discovering what the participants had prepared, but with its own unique presence it offered dozens of smiles to contestants and audience members. IEEE Students informed the public, the participants and the volunteers about the institute and its annual work. Additionally, they presented a robotic arm and a remote-controlled vehicle programmed with the Arduino board, providing children with a stimulus as well as a greater appetite for robotics.

Finally, the contribution of the IEEE Student Branch of Thrace to the competition, which is based on the contribution to society and the development of technology, was recognized by having the honor to hand over one of the awards. Chairman of the Student Branch awarded “Robomaniacs” team for “Strategy & Innovation”.