Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ECE Department Presentation by IEEE Auth SB

Our favourite annual Electrical Engineering event is just around the corner: it’s high time we presented the three main domains of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The Department Presentation , that usually takes place in late February, has a target group mostly made of students in the third year of their Electrical and Computer Engineering Studies, but everyone is welcome to jump aboard. 

The event’s main goal is to adequately inform the students about their three possible options when it comes to the  academic direction they will soon have to follow: Telecommunications, Electronics & Computers and Electrical Energy. 

By organising this event, we help the students get to know the different departments better in order to make sure they will choose the scientific domain that best suits their talents and capabilities.

In order to guarantee that our colleagues are well- informed, we chose to invite some of the best possible representatives so that the students learn about the different possibilities by the specialists themselves: Mr. Traianos Youltsis, head of Telecommunications Department, will present the department of Telecommunications. After that, Mr. Dimitris Kugiumtzis will explain how its feels to be an Electronics & Computer Engineer. Last but not least, Mr. Charalampos Demoulias will let the students know about the perks of being in the department of Electrical Energy. The president of the Electrical Engineering School, Mr. Grigoris Papagiannis will also attend the event and honour us, as well as talk about the importance of being and Electrical Engineer and choosing the right Department.

After that, the attendant students will split into groups and go on a tour, visiting the different laboratories of our School according to their personal preference of domain.