Vildana Hrnjic

Vildana Hrnjic studied Graphic Engineering at the Faculty of Technology in Banja Luka. Throughout her studies, she worked as a Graphic Designer at several companies, organizations and as a freelancer. Vildana is also an IEEE volunteer, member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina section.
Creativity was always an important part of her life. She painted in high schools and had many exhibitions of her art. For the past few years, she has been designing art posters to raise awareness of the problems of society. Vildana is particularly proud of the BE PART OF THE SOLUTION series of posters that discuss environmental and women’s rights issues. The result of her artistic nature are numerous joint and solo exhibitions in BiH and abroad.
With the desire to make an impact, she was active in several NGOs. Using every opportunity to learn, she gained expertise in other areas such as digital marketing. All her experiences have shaped her into a successful leader and young entrepreneur with her agency-BOLD IT.
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