Event description

IEEE Region 8 Education Activities is organizing the IEEE R8 Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) Week 2016 in October. The event will have TISP Workshops in 15+ Sections across Europe, Middle East and Africa with a plan to train 600+ school teachers.

In Greece, Greece IEEE Section Educational Activities in collaboration with Anatolia High School will organize a TISP Workshop to train up to 30 teachers on Inquiry Based Learning.

By designing and constructing a rubber band racer car, using everyday materials, we will find an entertaining and very efficient way to teach concepts like distance, speed, acceleration, friction, tension, material properties and many more.
At the same time we will experience a way of developing very useful soft skills like teamwork, time management, work under pressure, leadership etc.

Registration is free but we accept participants in a first come first serve basis.  Join us!






TISP stands for the ‘Teacher In-Service Program’ and is a professional development program aimed at helping teachers bring exciting hands-on engineering lessons into their classrooms. IEEE volunteers are trained to conduct TISP workshops. These trained volunteers – known as TISP Champions – then take the program to their local areas and train school teachers.

The aim is for the school teachers to eventually implement these lesson plans in their classrooms on a regular basis and for the local TISP champions to keep in contact with the school teachers to provide support.

More information can be found on http://www.ieee.org/teacherinservice