Event description

Following last year’s successful event, the IEEE student Branch of AUTh in collaboration with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering invite this year the students of our department at the conference which is being held in order to help them decide the right field for the spring semester.

More specifically, the conference is scheduled for Thursday 12/1 and will include a comprehensive information both on theoretical and practical level for all 3 areas of the school. The event will begin with introductory presentations by the directors of each area, which will take place in Auditorium I of KE.D.E.A. AUTh.Then, we will continue to a tour which will include a large part of the school’s workshops and will conclude with an open discussion in the General Assembly hall.

The event is primarily aimed at students who choose their field in this semester and aims to become an annual event for the best possible information on the piece of directional selection.

The detailed program of the event and the participating laboratories will be announced soon!

You can find our facebook event here!