Event description

The student branch of the IEEE at the University of Western Macedonia on the occasion of the
new office opening, organizes an event on Saturday 9/12/2017 in UoWM,Department of Informatics  and Telecommunications En with guests all over Greece teaching staff of the University of Western Macedonia, all student groups but also persons from local authorities such as the Mayor of the Municipality of Kozani, the Regional Governor of Western Macedonia and the President of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

In the venue beyond the IEEE stand, stands will be set up by the teams:

A) Hyperion Robotics
B) Tyfoon MotoRacing Team UoWM
C) Aspire – Aerospace Research Engineering UOWM

The purpose of this event is to celebrate our new office with the aim of bringing the local community  close to the  University of Western Macedonia.

The Program of the conference is as follows:

Saturday 9/12/2017

11:00 – Welcome/Coffee
13:00 – 14:00 – Presentations / Speeches
14:00 – 19:00 – Demos / Networking

More about us:

In 2017 the student branch of the University of Western Macedonia continues dynamically and actively organizes various events and workshops.This year’s committee consists of Alexandros Modestos Modis as President, Vassilis Balafas as Vice President, Antonis Kogias as Secretary, George Dimas as Treasurer and Ioannis Pravinos as Webmaster. Together as a committee and with the support of the rest of IEEE members of our University, we continue to focus on strengthening the technological sensation and abilities of school students through various activities.

We are waiting for you all in this Special event!

IEEE Student Branch | University of Western Macedonia

Executive Committee http://ieee.uowm.gr/

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