Event description

Hacking Nightmare vol. 2 is a fact! This Thursday (16/11/2017) at 13:00 in Room A of the Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications of the University of Western Macedonia, student Lucyf3r Young, certified as Offensive Security Wireless Professional and Beta Tester / Moderator at Hack The Box, in cooperation with the IEEE Uowm Student Branch, will show us another unique trip to the world of cyber security.

What is ‘Hacking Nightmare’?
Hacking Nightmare is an autonomous student event organized annually by the IEEE SB of the University of Western Macedonia and student Nicholas Bourdas in order to highlight and present new realistic scenarios of cyber-attacks and ways to deal with them.

At the same time, the event aims to bring students closer to the Ethical Hacking and to prevent them from blackhat and malicious actions!

This year we will present the following topics:

* Presentation of the hackthebox.eu Platform.
* ISCSI Ports && Clients.
* Popular Symmetric Encryption Algorithms (AES).
* Local File Inclusion (LFI).
* Bypassing Firewalls.
* Exploitation Environment Variables.

We are waiting everyone in this special event to honor us with your presence!

PS: Enumeration is the key !

IEEE Student Branch | University of Western Macedonia
Executive Committee