Event description

We invite you on Wednesday 15/11 at 11:00 in the General Assembly hall of the Polytechnic Institute (building D right across the elevators) in a bioengineering lecture by Mr. Konstantinos Karatzas, professor of the department of mechanical engineering, on the topic of “Analysis of medical symptoms and environmental factors for the creation of digital services concerning the quality of human life: the example of allergic rhinitis”.

The quality of the air is characterized from the physical, chemical and biological substances it consists of, and directly affects the quality of our life. Focusing in aeroallergens, like pollen and spores of fungi, almost 20% of the general population has an allergic reactions to these like the example of allergic rhinitis. The understanding of their effects and their concentration levels is an important first step to deal with the symptoms while the modelling and the prediction of those levels can assist in efficiently raising the awareness of the population and the improvement of patients’ everyday life. In fact the impact on the quality of life and general well-being of the patients depends greatly on each individual (under the same environmental conditions two patients can have different symptoms) so the modelling and the prediction of those symptoms should take that parameter in consideration.

All the above mentioned can be implemented via computational intelligence methods for the analysis and the modelling of environmental factors and relevant symptoms. This approach can be further enriched through the mining and usage of data that come from social networks and the web so we can tailor the treatment to the needs of each individual.

We are looking forward to exploring with you this very interesting interdisciplinary field of biomedical technology!

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