Event description

The Student Branch of IEEE of the Department of Informatics in collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Western Macedonia (Departments of Informatics and Mathematics) and and the branch of the Hellenic Mathematical Society in Kastoria organize a conference on Writing Scientific Texts using LaTeX on Friday 12 March at 18:00. The day is dedicated to the world day of mathematical constancy Pi and will be implemented through the Zoom platform.

The topics that will be presented are:

  • 18:00 Start of the Conference
  • 18:10 Text writing with LaTeX  – basic types of documents. Rapporteur: G. Vassiliadis, Teacher of PD 407. Collaborating Teaching Staff EAP.
  • 18:55 Editing of mathematical expressions in LaTeX. Rapporteur: Z. Kalogiratou,
  • Professor, Department of Informatics.
  • 19:40 Professional use of Latex to create large documents. Speaker: G. Sisias, Lecturer of PD 407. External Collaborator of NCSR “Demokritos”, External Collaborator of Scientific Publications Tziola SA

The Conference will be open to the public and those interested in participating are invited to connect to: https://zoom.us/my/uowm.p32 or Zoom ID: 796 722 4182 based on the program.