Event description

The IEEE Student Branch University of Western Macedonia, Kastoria is organizing a webinar with the topic of Software Quality Assurance with Automated Tests.  Automated tests reduce the effort that is associated with the manual testing. Test automation requires the test engineer or the developer must have coding knowledge, since the test cases are written in the form of source code. The tests assure a well-written code because bad code is usually difficult to test. They assure that new features are working without affecting other parts of the existing system. And last but not least, that the features really solve a problem.

The speakers of the event are going to be Thanos Korakas and Thanos Nokas. Both of them are programmers working at Human Factor, in addition to having a Youtube channel by the name of SocialNerds, where they engage with topics like Programming and New Technologies. They also offer training on subjects such as Testing and Agile Methodologies, React, Symfony, Docker, Laravel and Drupal.

The webinar/event is going to be held via Cisco WebEx, at the 28th of May, at 19:00 p.m.

You can keep up with the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2971105072970675/

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