IEEE Greece Section hosts a session within the IEEE R8 Virtual Student and Young Professional Congress

The IEEE Greece Section organizes and hosts a session within the IEEE R8 Virtual Student and Young Professional Congress on September 16th at 16:00 CEST. The lecture will be on the topic of ‘Integrated Lab-on-Chip biomedical diagnostic chips: the SARS-CoV-2 example and beyond’ and will be given by Dr Despina Moschou.  Abstract: Lab-on-Chip technology aspires

ScicommHack 2020

ScicommHack will take place at CERN on 13-15 November 2020. During this hackathon, we will tackle important challenges in science communication today; those relevant not just to CERN, EPFL, and Geneva, but also the wider scientific community.Participants will visit underground facilities at CERN and EPFL, take part in interactive workshops to develop their hacking skills,

2020 IEEE Power and Energy (PES) Outstanding Student Scholarship

Dimitrios C. Zarras, undergraduate student of ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) at NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) received an international distinction as he was one of the five (5) students globally, to be awarded the “2020 IEEE Power and Energy (PES) Outstanding Student Scholarship”. The named scholarship was attributed for the first time in


The Cisco Engineer Incubator is a special educational program designed by Cisco’s Customer Experience organization, Cisco Networking Academy Program, and Python Institute to support employability of talented students and graduates interested in networking technologies and starting a career in IT. The Cisco Engineer Incubator is for students studying a STEM degree (preferably in their last

ieee discover challenge

IEEE Discover Badge: IEEE Greece Section earns its first badge

The IEEE discover badge is now available on IEEE Collabratec. IEEE Discover Badge is the first in a series of online, interactive journeys recognizing discovery and participation in the organization. IEEE Greece Section received its first badge through the success of Theodoros Chatzinikolaou, member of the Student Branch of Democritus University of Thrace, while Dora

IEEE SB University of Thessaly – Volos at the RoboMac Competition in Skopje

IEEE Student Branch University of Thessaly – Volos and the GREECE SECTION are going to be represented in the international competition RoboMac, which takes place in Skopje the following week! RoboMac is an international robotic competition, with many categories, organised annually by the IEEE Student Branch of Macedonia. The team is going to compete in the

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ECE Department Presentation by IEEE Auth SB

Our favourite annual Electrical Engineering event is just around the corner: it’s high time we presented the three main domains of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The Department Presentation , that usually takes place in late February, has a target group mostly made of students in the third

Educational Trip to Switzerland by IEEE AUTh SB

The Student Branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) in Greece founded in 1979, but officially started in 1999. In addition, the Student Branch consists of more than 110 undergraduate and postgraduate students, most of whom study in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,

How to get published in IEEE

How to get published in an IEEE journal or conference paper? presenter: Eszter Lukács, IEEE Client Services Manager • What is new around the IEEE • Insider tips for using IEEE Xplore • How to find a good conference or a journal title for my ideas? • Basic structure of a scientific article • Overview